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Xstream Media 6.0
In 1996, Knowledge Quest was the first company to deliver software training over the Web that utilized an interactive software simulation. At that time a typical learning object represented between 12 to 15 minutes of training, and was approximately 130Kb in size. Over the past 5 years we've been busy adding new features and reducing already small file sizes to make our learning experience even more realistic and to load lightning fast. The result of that work is a new authoring tool and Web-delivery system called Xstream Media© 6.0.

Every lesson created with Xstream Media© 6.0 provides a compelling and exciting learning experience through the use of a realistic software simulation, interactive quizzing, and practice opportunities. In addition, Xstream Media© 6.0 provides a high-quality learning experience without the need for a high bandwidth connection. A typical lesson is between 30Kb and 50Kb in size, and is delivered more quickly than an average Web page.

Using the sophisticated and robust capabilities of Xstream Media© 6.0, Knowledge Quest is the only company able to deliver this type of learning experience by moving less that 50Kb over the Internet.

A few of our new features are listed below:
  • Performance-based assessments.
  • Quicker delivery of learning objects.
  • Continuous roll-over capability to provide a more realistic experience.
  • The ability for the participant to take multiple paths to reach a goal.
  • Performance-based assessment to enhance the learning process.
  • Quizzing and multiple choice assessment to enhance retention.
  • Ability to automatically update the Player software as new features are added.
  • Features to reduce development time.
  • Features to simplify the localization process.

We've built other features into Xstream Media 6.0 that have not yet been exploited. Visit this site often to see what features we'll add next.

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