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Expert Author
Expert Author
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Expert Author - 15 Years in the Making
Expert Author was designed specifically for creating compelling e-learning courseware covering computer software. Knowledge Quest has been using Expert Author for 15 years to create award-winning, off-the-shelf courseware covering popular software titles.
Quickly Capture and Create Interactive Software Components
Using Expert Author's sophisticated capture features and component editors, you can quickly create interactive displays that contain live menus and toolbars, edit fields, areas with active rollover, buttons, list boxes, combo boxes, dialog boxes, and much more. You can import a script/storyboard written in Word, and then use the Timeline to create the interactive learning experience.

It's everything you need to create a great interactive learning experience using a realistic software simulation - all without doing any programming or scripting.
Key Features and Benefits
  • Quickly create Web-delivered training using a realistic software simulation
  • Visual authoring tool - no scripting required
  • Straightforward two-step authoring approach
  • Import a written script/storyboard that was created in MS Word
  • Capture fully functioning menus, toolbars, lists, edit field, text labels, buttons, areas with rollover and selection states, and much more
  • Create interactive views by combining menus, toolbars, and interactive documents
  • Work with the Timeline to create the interactive learning experience
  • Supports guided instruction, practice opportunities, performance-based assessments, and quizzes
  • Supports multi-path interactions
  • Create transition animations
  • Change menu and toolbar properties from one step to the next in the Timeline
  • Automatically reports results to an AICC or SCORM conformant LMS
  • Add to your library of interactive components with every lesson you create
  • Great for working in a collaborative environment
  • Make changes quickly when the next version of your software is released
  • Export narrative text for proofreading, audio recording, and translations
  • Add audio to further enhance the learning experience
  • Modules load very quickly via the Web
  • Simultaneously move and hide multiple document objects
  • Place a seemingly "live" caret anywhere in the Document
  • Replace any Display with any other Display
  • Simulate unique or custom menu styles
  • Lessons are stored in a single file -- allowing for easy transport
  • Getting Started dialog box at startup for quicker access to helpful features
  • Additional drag-and-drop support
  • Enhanced 508 compliance
  • Keyboard navigation allows student to navigate the entire lesson interface without using the mouse
  • Alternate keyboard interactions created automatically for menu and dialog box interactions
  • Tooltip support for toolbar buttons and document objects
  • Sophisticated screen reader support
  • AICC level 2 support with objectives
  • SCORM 1.2 manifest and meta-data
  • AICC HACP support
  • Multiple delivery options - Web, CD-ROM, E-Mail
The Power of Expert Author
Use Expert Author to quickly create Web-delivered, self-paced courseware where computer software is the subject matter. The student learns in a safe, simulated environment without the fear of making a mistake.
Take Advantage of Our Experience
Use the authoring tool that Knowledge Quest has used for the past 15 years to create award-winning, Web-delivered software training products.

If your company spends time and money training people on how to use software, you owe it to yourself to start using Expert Author right away.
Instructional Designers and Writers Can Do It
Working with the Timeline to create lessons is very intuitive. An entire lesson can be authored in less than an hour.
Do Not Underestimate the Power of Audio
Adding audio is simple! Record the audio and then insert it into the Timeline.
Student Learns by Doing, Practicing, and Assessing
A typical Expert Author lesson includes guided instruction, practice opportunities, and performance-based assessment -- all within a realistic software simulation.
Small Learning Objects
Learning objects are small in size -- often under 100K -- and load very quickly via the Web, CD-ROM, e-mail, and more.

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