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What Makes Knowledge Quest Different?
With Knowledge Quest online training, your employees can learn new software skills anywhere, any time, at any pace. Guided by audio and visual instruction, students "learn-by-doing" in a realistic, full-screen software simulation.

The Knowledge Quest approach to software instruction is centered around the fact that people learn through experience. Knowledge Quest courses combine guided interactions with practice exercises and quizzes to provide "hands-on" experience and solid retention of acquired skills.

Knowledge Quest has spent the past 12 years refining an authoring tool that delivers interactive courseware quickly via the Web. Thus, students can access high-quality training in a realistic software environment without a high-bandwidth Internet connection.

Summary of Features and Benefits
  • Realistic full-screen software simulations.
  • Interactive lessons that promote "learning-by-doing" and high retention rates.
  • Course assessments that can identify mastered skills and tailor courses to the student.
  • Any time, anywhere availability through standard Web browsers.
  • Ultra-fast Internet delivery.
  • Substantial cost-savings over other e-learning solutions.

A Satisfied Knowledge Quest Customer

"What I like best about products created with Knowledge Quest's Xstream Media is that you can access lessons quickly over the Web, practice and learn in what seems to be the actual software, and then immediately apply new skills to the task at hand."

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