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  Learn New Software Skills with Knowledge Quest
  To learn new computer skills, all you need is a Web connection and a few minutes of your time. It?s fun, it?s easy, and it?s ready whenever you are, 24x7. You learn in a safe, simulated environment.
Knowledge Quest - A Pioneer in E-Learning
Since 1996, Knowledge Quest has created and successfully deployed Web-based courseware to over 1 million people around the world.
Full-Screen Simulations Using Xstream Media?
Xstream Media provides you with a fun and compelling learning experience utilizing a full-screen simulation of the software being taught. Although you will think you are in the real software, you are actually in a safe, simulated environment where you can make all the mistakes you want without having a negative effect.
At a Fraction of the Cost
The cost of learning new software skills with Knowledge Quest is far less than what you would pay to learn in a classroom, and it?s more fun too! And, you can come back to Knowledge Quest as many times as you want.
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